Our Philosophy

Our Mission Statement:

The midwives at Orange County Midwifery are a voice for normalcy in conception, pregnancy, birth & parenthood. We feel that the Midwifery Model
of Care is appropriate and superior for the majority of families. We bring our passion, respect, gentleness, trust and love to the process of giving birth
so that families can experience this transformational time with dignity, safety and joy as they confidently welcome a new life into their arms. With our
knowledge, wisdom, compassion and energy, we stand for and stand with childbearing women and their families.

Our Founding Principles:

1. We believe that birth is normal and a sacred transformational event.

2. We believe that the Midwifery model of care is appropriate and superior for the majority of women.

3. We believe and scientific evidence supports that birth is inherently safe, but we recognize that medical technology is sometimes necessary and
can save mothers and babies lives.

4. We believe one of the most important things that will drastically improve maternal and infant mortality rates world-wide is educating women on
nutrition and assisting them to obtain the benefits.

5. We believe that breastfeeding is optimal nourishment for newborns, infants, and children, and promoting the World Health Organization's
recommendation of breastfeeding for a minimum of two years should be a community standard.

6. We believe in discouraging both female and male multilization (otherwise known as circumcision).

7. We believe that babies are aware, alert and sensitive throughout conception, gestation, birth and the newborn period. Their interconnectiveness
with their mother should be honored and unless medically necessary they should be never separated. If this is honored, we believe that the baby will
have an innate primal blue print to love and nurture throughout all of their life.


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