Handouts for Different Resources

Pregnancy & Birth Handouts

Ultrasounds and Brain Development

ACOG Guidelines for Fetal Monitoring

Alternatives to an External Cephalic Version

Avoiding an Episiotomy

Breech Baby

Cord Clamping

Informed Consent

Labor Induction Page 1

Labor Induction Page 2

Moxibustion Page 1

Moxibustion Page 2

Signs of Labor

The Doula and The Partner

Vitamin K


Breastfeeding Handouts

Food Guide

Physiologic Stomach Capacity of Newborns

Skin to Skin Info

Soy Formula Info

How to Treat Thrush

What is Wrong With Dairy


Co-Sleeping Handouts

Dr. James McKenna on Co-Sleeping

ILCA's Response to the AAP SIDS Policy


Dr. Nils Bergman's PowerPoint Presentation on the Neurobiology of your Baby

Presentation 1

Presentation 2


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