What Our Clients Have to Say

“We couldn't imagine having our daughter without you there, you truly was amazing. Your support was tremendous in helping both of us through the labor and birth process. Your services were invaluable, we are so glad you were a part of our daughters birth.”
~Natalie, Ryan & Riley Ethridge~

“Susan was an excellent midwife and tremendous blessing to our family. She went well out of her way to accommodate our needs and care for us. I see the passion and joy that stirs and wells up in her when caring for mother/baby. She was very sensitive to the privacy needs of our delivery as well as sensitive as to when to jump in and “coach” and when to bring “comfort care” (which she also went out of her way to bring!) I would recommend Susan’s services to anyone willing to have a homebirth.”
- Nasiema R.

“You were the most helpful person we have met in several years, we would recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much, you are a special person”
~Ida and Patrick Broadlick~

"Your knowledge in midwifery surpassed my expectations and the usage of nutrition, herbs and homeopathy greatly aided my labor and delivery. With help and assistance with hot oil compresses, I delivered a 10lb baby without tearing. I have had 8 babies all at home and I must say, she was one of the best midwives I ever had. She not only stayed with me every second of the birth, she also accompanied my husband and I during a stress test at a doctors office, took walks during a false start up labor and stayed into that day offering support and joviality to an otherwise anxious day. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering homebirth.”
- Diane T.

"Why did I choose a homebirth? Because there are things that are easier, but few things in life are this amazing, and nothing this amazing is ever easy. I wanted to experience every nuance of my labor and birth and my midwives were there with me, sympathizing, encouraging and celebrating right alongside of me. I loved it!"
- Jessica L.




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